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Each user will have their own profile page and feed, a central place where they can track all of their tokens, NFTs and athlete updates.
The user profile consists of 5 sections:
Your NFTs
A sticker-book-style page displaying all NFTs owned by the user. Users can share this page with others to show off their collections. Users will be able to change their Blockasset user profile picture to any of their NFTs.
Your tokens
A portfolio tracker for all athlete tokens held by the user, with full portfolio value and relevant charts.
We encourage users to create an affiliate link to share Blockasset with their friends, users will take a % cut of all trading fees from the referral.
Additionally, users will be able to track their onboarding tasks and easily see their rewards from the main user hub page.
Your rewards
Users can earn staking rewards and athlete rewards, this page will display all earned rewards and rewards currently available to the user.
Your leaderboards
See where you place in the community leaderboards.