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  • We envisage a future where all creators, entertainers and athletes interact and organise their communities via individual tokenized economies.
  • Fans will create superfan communities, which will eventually form into DAOs; athletes will lean on these fans during the ups and downs of their careers and even hire DAO’s as their representatives, replacing traditional managers and agents.
  • Social media will shift from a consumer and attention focussed ethos to a community and reward focussed standard. Blockasset will lead the way.
  • Blockasset will have established partnerships with a number of organisations, agencies and athletes, with the ability to onboard new athletes and fans at any time.
  • Fans will visit Blockasset just as they do now on Twitter or Instagram, to catch up on their favourite athletes, take part in athlete communities, and reap the rewards of their loyalty.
  • Athletes will log into their platforms and spend time with their fans, not hidden behind pre-screened Instagram posts and branded content.
  • Fans will understand the power of Web3, own crypto wallets and trade with each other.
  • Sports events will show live token info & rankings, just as they do now for player form or betting odds.
  • Social tokens will power Web3 and beyond.