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Blockasset is creating a revolutionary way for fans and athletes to interact and connect with each other by way of multiple touchpoints that provide benefits for both the fan and the athlete.
Web2 was a world dominated by centralised, social media companies, where the user was the product. Blockasset is creating a Web3 social platform where fans and athletes can interact and benefit from one another via the power of athlete tokens, NFTs and web3 powered social tools.
Social tokens are not a new concept. Chilliz and Socios have embraced social tokens that allow sports club fans to have a say on their team. Blockasset is taking this one step further by allowing fans to interact with athletes and other super-fans directly, and with the possibilities and benefits decided only by the athletes and the fans.
Each athlete on the Blockasset platform will have their own athlete token. For example, Liverpool star Trent-Alexander Arnold could release a token, $TRENT, that his fans can access via the Blockasset platform.
Blockasset puts an athlete’s brand back in control of the two most interested parties—the athlete and their fans.
Athlete tokenisation allows fans to connect with athletes in a way that is mutually beneficial to both. As fans become stakeholders in an athlete token ecosystem, a partnership forms between fans and athletes bonding them together towards their collective success.
Athlete tokens are a way to organise fan communities; they create a reward system and incentivisation to both the athlete and the fan to drive growth by being a good community member and creating value for everyone involved.
Athlete token utilities include:
  • Athlete experiences - fans can purchase unique experiences and memorabilia directly from an athlete with their tokens. E.G meet & greets, signed shirts, online AMAs, event watch-parties and more.
  • Governance - Fans with athlete tokens can decide what utility and experiences they want from an athlete.
  • Content governance - No more content that’s produced by sporting conglomerates, fans can vote on and directly produce the athlete content they want to see.
  • Super-fan communities - Fans can access gated communities to chat with other super fans and the athletes themselves.
  • Curated content - No more flicking through various social media pages for athlete updates, fans can see Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, athlete Spotify playlists & news feeds all in one place, plus bonus content from Blockasset.
  • Performance bonuses - fans are rewarded for their loyalty with various gifts and airdrops when their tokenized athlete celebrates a specific victory or milestone.
An easy entry into Web3 & DeFi
  • User onboarding - incentivised onboarding with tutorials from the athletes, plus simple wallet and profile set up via social media; plus fiat onramps for the non-crypto savvy.
  • Token swap - a place to easily trade and swap athlete tokens
  • Athlete market cap - see the value of each athlete token and see where your favourite athlete ranks amongst others
  • De-Fi - lock up tokens and NFTs to earn additional rewards & access athlete perks
Athlete Benefits
  • Athlete brand monetization - Token & NFT sales & resales revenue
  • At one with their fans - Unique interaction & understanding of their fan community via governance & superfan chat rooms.
  • Post-retirement opportunities - athletes can take their token and athlete hub and experiences wherever they want and benefit beyond retirement.
  • No trolls - with gated communities for super fans, athletes can communicate with supportive fans without fear of abuse