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Blockasset is creating the world's first athlete content governance platform.
Blockasset will work with the athletes to provide fans with exclusive content and media, produced and governed by the fans. BlockAccess, our YouTube series where Blockasset follows the lives of elite athletes now has over 5 million views. With athlete tokens, fans will be able to produce and govern the content that we shoot with the athletes.
Fans are used to seeing athlete content produced by brands and corporations with the goal of selling a product, now, however, content is no longer subject to the monetisation of brands but is in the power of the fans; fans can truly see the athlete content they’ve always wanted.
Token holders will be the first to view all new athlete content, plus have access to gated exclusive content not available on public platforms like YouTube.
Users will be able to vote on proposals, allowing them to influence athlete and Blockasset decisions. We can improve the platform by regularly asking the fans how we can improve all aspects of the Blockasset ecosystem.
Additionally, the governance portal will allow fans to vote on any other decisions the athlete is comfortable allowing, including ideas for the athlete's own experience store. As an athlete becomes more comfortable with the platform we believe athletes will use the voting page as their go-to for any fan-related decisions they make in their lives.