NFTs are limited-edition digital assets whose custody is governed by an underlying blockchain ledger. The NFT market has been rapidly expanding over the last year (2020-2021), making headlines with the recent $69 million NFT artwork by the digital artist Beeple. It is estimated that over $2 Billion was spent on NFTs in quarter one of 2021 alone. Athlete NFTs are now a multi-million dollar industry that enables sports enthusiasts to immortalize sporting moments and interact with athletes one-on-one.
Unlike tangible sports cards and memorabilia that can be faked, Blockasset collectable NFTs are all authenticated and official, and securely minted on the blockchain, which tracks and records the ownership and authenticity of the underlying asset.
Our own NFT marketplace will be linked to Magic Eden, Solana's leading NFT marketplace, ensuring maximum liquidity for the buying and selling of Blockasset NFTs. The marketplace includes filters and sorting options, as well as price history based on NFT traits and rarities. The marketplace will be modified and improved over time with user feedback.
Users will also be able to easily purchase NFTs with Credit/Debit cards.