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Web2 Social Media platform exodus
Athletes, sports fans and tech developers are growing tired of the current social media offering. Athletes are fed up with online abuse, and an average of 28% of Twitter and Instagram users state they would consider leaving if a better alternative was provided. Social media developers are also moving on, with a shift towards the Web3 space, as a wise man once said “Follow the devs…”
Crypto moving into the sports world
Late 2020 and early 2021 have seen a mass merging of crypto and sports. Sports fans are inherently loyal to their teams, as such large crypto companies are betting big on sports sponsorships, tapping into this loyalty, wanting to be the first crypto brand many sports fans will affiliate with. FTX, and Binance have been moving aggressively, sponsoring teams, stadiums and organisations, and it's having an effect; sports fans are about twice as likely as non-sports fans to say they are familiar with cryptocurrencies. We expect to see Premier League clubs ditch betting sponsors and move to crypto-based sponsors over the next two years. Crypto will soon become a part of every sports fan's life.
Technology available
The technology to bring athletes and their fans together has been limited to large social media platforms with little innovation over the last few years, now, Blockasset has the technology to rival and one-up these platforms by offering a new experience not available on Web2. Decentralised governance, fan ownership, gated communities and a tokenized economy are now possible and primed to accelerate the fan-athlete experience.
DAO & governance explosion
DAOs are the future, and the big players agree. Whilst not a DAO, Blockasset recognises the reason they exist and the reason they will thrive, ordinary people, want a voice. There’s a growing need for people to have a say on the things they love, sports fans may not yet realise just how big a voice they have until Web3 takes over the internet this decade. Blockasset is primed to give fans a say.