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2020 saw the emergence of fan tokens, Socios/Chilliz lead the way, creating fan tokens for football clubs including Real Madrid, Juventus and Arsenal. Daily volume on the Atletico Madrid token ($ATM) averages over $5million, for just one token. With multiple tokens, and even stronger utility we see huge potential for the Blockasset exchange. The foundations are in place for fan tokens to take over in the coming years.
More and more young people are looking to invest their money than ever before, highlighted by the 2020 meme stock phenomenon that introduced millions to the stock market. Now, young people are open-minded to new investments, crypto being the leading option.
2020 was a key catalyst for change, as crypto ownership in the USA more than doubled from 2020 (6%) to 2021 (13%) and is predicted to maintain its parabolic growth over the next decade. As things stand 79% of crypto owners are male, and 58% are aged under 34, a strong correlation with global sports fan demographics. This tells us that as crypto adoption grows, sports will be primed to be the main onramp and introduction of many into the crypto world.
Athletes, celebrities and brands are already seeing the power of social tokens, and more respected voices are waking up to the market potential of social tokens; RealVision CEO Raoul Pal says social tokens are “the future of everything”.