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When an athlete token is purchased, a percentage of the sale is taken in royalties. This functions similarly to NFTs, where a percentage of each sale is sent to the creator. The Blockasset team will be routing a portion of these royalties to the athlete and a portion of the royalties to NFT holders based on rarity. This means that NFT holders will accumulate athlete tokens that they can exchange for experiences.
Those who own a Smesh Bros NFT will be the first to receive tokens automatically when trading begins. The higher the trading volume, the more athlete tokens the NFT holder will acquire. The number of tokens the NFT holder receives will also be determined by the rarity of the NFT, the rarer the NFT, the more tokens the user receives.
To provide further value to the NFTs, Blockasset will always seek to use world-class NFT artists, such as fan favourite, Dosbrak.
Users will be able to trade the NFTs on the Blockasset NFT marketplace, which is synced to the Magic Eden marketplace, in turn allowing for maximum liquidity.
Fans can purchase an Official Khamzat Chimaev Smesh Bros NFT and earn $BORZ tokens