The sports world is one where athletes and fans are growing further apart, but this is just one issue we are trying to solve. Additional problems include:
  • Athletes lack the ability or system to recognise and reward their most loyal fans
  • Athletes lack a platform that allows the everyday fan to access their lives in a simple & retail user-friendly fashion.
  • There is no platform that incorporates athlete tokens within an eco-system that ties into real-world, athlete benefits.
  • Athletes often sign brand-damaging deals or promote third-party products out of necessity, often turning off fans to their content
  • Fans feel disengaged and distant from their favourite athletes
  • An athlete’s brand is often controlled by 3rd parties
  • Fans have no one place to go for all their athlete/sports updates, with their feeds spread over multiple platforms
  • Fans want to show their support in more ways than just event attendance & social media likes.
  • Fans are consuming athlete content that they have no say over
  • Many athletes struggle to make an income, build a brand and create a fan community when starting out or post-retirement.
  • A number of athletes suffer online social media abuse, which can have a huge effect on their mental health.
  • Fans have no means to access once-in-a-lifetime experiences with athletes.
  • Athletes are unable to work on projects directly with their fans, e.g. charity projects