We all love a freebie, and with the difficult task of bringing the mainstream sports fan audience to the Web3 world, what better way to welcome them with open arms than offering them a free NFT.
In order to earn the NFT, each user will need to complete some simple steps that set them up for success on the Blockasset platform, including:
  • Complete your Blockasset profile, with username and profile picture
  • Load your wallet with funds
  • Purchase BLOCK tokens
  • Stake BLOCK tokens
  • Buy ATHLETE tokens
  • Vote on our governance page
  • Visit and interact with pages
The aim is to incentivise and help new users understand the platform and then reward them with an NFT as a thank you.
Users will be able to track their progress on their own hub page.
The above is still in the works and is subject to changes based on testing and user feedback.
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