Users can stake (lock-up) their athlete tokens to access a number of unique perks. The more tokens staked, the better tier they fall into, meaning greater access & rewards.
Please note that the below is subject to change.
Tier 1 - Requiremnts TBC
Athlete content - Blockasset will create exclusive athlete content and media, the majority of which will be made available to the public. However, in order to access all content, the user must stake athlete tokens.
Chat - Athletes will be able to chat with their fans through their athlete hub, allowing fans to directly show their support at all times. Users who hold a set amount of athlete tokens will automatically gain access to the exclusive athlete chat – a clubhouse where fans of the athlete can discuss athlete-related topics and chat with the athlete directly. In time we expect the super fan chats to form athlete DAOs where athletes lean on their community for support and move away from traditional managers and agents.
Tier 2 - Requiremnts TBC
Governance - Fans will be able to vote on what they see in the experience store, what content is produced, and platform improvements. We also encourage athletes to use the portal to ask fans to vote on aspects of their lives and careers. This can include ring-walk music, clothing options, and more.
Tier 3 - Requiremnts TBC
Performance bonuses - We want token holders to be with their athletes every step of their careers. To that end, we’ll celebrate athletes by rewarding token holders when an athlete celebrates a milestone in their career, be it winning a fight or lifting a trophy.
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