Users will be able to spend their tokens in the athlete experience store, which include a number of priceless experiences & goods not available anywhere else.
Fans can purchase incredible athlete experiences and goods with their athlete tokens, including:
Online experiences - Athletes can offer real-world experiences to their fans that can be purchased through their token. There is no limit here as to what the experiences can be. It depends on the athlete and can include input from the fans. We can use the governance portal to help the athlete decide what to do here.
Real-life experiences - The athlete can offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences to fans that include real-life meet-and-greets.
NFTs - Athletes will be able to sell NFTs of their Tweets, Instagram posts, video content and more. All of which can be re-sold via the Blockasset NFT marketplace. Additional athlete NFTs will be released over time, including Metaverse ready athlete avatars and clothing NFTs.
Signed merch - Fans can purchase signed gloves, shirts and more directly from athletes.
Memorabilia - Pieces of history that stand the test of time, available directly from the athletes, for their biggest fans.
As mentioned previously, there is a burning mechanism in place, a percentage of all purchase revenue on the experience store will be burned, reducing the supply of the tokens over time. The more an athlete offers their fans, the faster their token supply drops, which we anticipate will increase the demand value of the tokens. The mathmatics of the bonding curve in place also ensure that experiences have a direct positive effect on the token price, meaning the utility of the tokens has a guaranteed positive effect on the token price.
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